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The Rohingya Project is a grassroots initiative that aims to uplift and empower the stateless Rohingya diaspora scattered all over the globe with the issuance of a digital ID and a blockchain-leveraged financial ecosystem. Having no nationality, many Rohingya cannot enjoy the rights most of us take for granted – legally they don’t exist.

This round of crowdfunding is for the Pilot Phase of the Rohingya Project. Each contribution goes towards the registration and development of 1,000 digital IDs.

The Rohingya Project Crowdfunding Campaign

byIsalm Elzayyadi

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Isalm Elzayyadi

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Isalm Elzayyadi
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The Stateless Rohingya

There are nearly 3.5 million stateless Rohingya worldwide, many of them are undocumented and facing financial and other hardships. Having no nationality, the Rohingya cannot enjoy the rights most of us take for granted. As a result, the Rohingya face numerous legal, financial and social restrictions.  

From Identity to Opportunity

The Rohingya Project is a a grassroots initiative that aims to uplift and empower the Rohingya diaspora scattered across the globe. We aim to flip the narrative of a destitute people that currently dominates the media. The project looks at two key issues to uplift the Rohingya people: Identity and Opportunity. ‘Identity’ relates to the need to digitally register undocumented and other diaspora Rohingya into a central database, the first data on Rohingya census in the world. Individual Rohingya shall have their ancestry authentically identified to link them directly to their original lands of dispersion. ‘Opportunity’ refers to the need to improve the state of the Rohingya people by providing them meaningful financial avenues after the registration phase. Using their own unique blockchain-based digital identities and crowdfunded resources, Rohingya diaspora communities will be given their chance to improve their own condition. This includes opportunities for vocational training, employment and entrepreneurship to allow the Rohingya to tap into their potential. To tackle the problem of financial exclusion in the Rohingya community. The Rohingya Project aims to unlock the potential of the Rohingya through access to:    

Creating 1,000 Digital IDs

We are raising RM 500,000 to execute the first phase of the project which will create a database of 1,000 undocumented Rohingya in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh and then provide them with individual digital identities using blockchain technology. Each contribution goes towards the issuance of an ID, the estimated cost of which is RM 500 per ID.  

Use of Funds

  Launch of Operations Hosting Secretariat and Recruitment of Human Resources Verification System Building and Testing a Reliable Online Portal for Rohingya Registration Field Work Both In-person and Online Registration of 1,000 Rohingya worldwide as initial sample population Digital Execution Creating Verified and Individualized Digital IDs for 1,000 registered Rohingya  

Our Strategy

The Pilot Phase kicks off the Rohingya Project with the registration of 1,000 undocumented Rohingya currently residing in Bangladesh, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, three countries with large displaced Rohingya communities, beginning this year. This phase is to be carried out in 3 stages:  

Developing the Framework and System

Developing a robust and automated verification system that can accurately assess and determine the family relations and Rohingya identity

Verification and Registration

Pilot registration will look at a sample of 1,000 undocumented Rohingya in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Bangladesh – three countries with large Rohingya diaspora communities

Creating the Digital Identification

To cryptographically prove the existence and family relations of the Rohingya, recorded on the Blockchain, a distributed public ledger

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