About 3.5 million stateless Rohingyas worldwide are expected to achieve a new phase of life with the launch of the long-term Rohingya Project today.

Co-founder of the project, Muhammad Noor said the Rohingya Project was a grassroots initiative that aimed to uplift and empower the Rohingya diaspora scattered all over the globe with the issuance of a digital identification system.

“This project will engage public support to address the problems of statelessness and financial exclusion for the future of the Rohingyas,” he told reporters after the launch of the programme, here, today.

Through the project that focuses on two aspects – identity and opportunity – the system will provide the first verified data on Rohingya census across the world, whereby individual Rohingyas shall have their ancestry authentically identified to link them directly to their original land of dispersion.

It will also help to improve the state of this ethnic group as it allows them to be given opportunities for vocational training, employment and entrepreneurship.Muhammad said the pilot phase of the project would start with the registration of 1,000 undocumented Rohingya worldwide.

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